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Workshop - Bottle Caps Bracelet

Up-cycling Bottle Caps to a Bracelet:

Bottle Caps collected from Dai Pai Dong can be transformed to a modern accessory! Participants can also engrave words on the bottle caps  creating your unique bracelet!



Workshop at K11 Artspace

Workshop at Pinwhere


Workshop - Mooncake Tin Clock

"The moon has gone. But time must go on."

節日後剩下來一堆空蕩蕩的鐵罐子,是不是都難逃被廢棄的命運? 原來只要稍為轉化一下,它亦可以成為一件實用的日常用品。座檯鐘的時針鐘面模仿月亮的變化,會隨著時刻轉動展示出陰晴圓缺的不同狀態。

After festivals, the piles of metal cans seemed cannot escape the destiny of being dumped. But we believe a little change of it can transform it into a practical “helper” in our daily life.

The hour plate of this Metal Can Desk Clock rotates as times goes. Imitating the moon's wax and wane, it shows different forms of the “moon” as hour pasts by hour.

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Brass Bracelet Workshop

Workshop at K11 Artspace, Dec 2014