Concepts of Pinball Collection: 

A pinball machine was a toy every kid craved for. In the past generation, kids used to play with a physical pinball machine. Casual materials were enough to create an own one: tissue paper roll, rubber band, shoes box and table tennis ball… It’s simple and crude, but it carries its unique texture.
By the installation of the first Window98 PC, the pinball machine became a graphical projection. The unique texture was replaced by regular sounds and clicks. 
Even though time cannot be reversed, it’s still interesting to make the pinball game a contemporary accessory, interactive with your body.

Pinball Necklace

Free Size
Materials: Brass / 925 Silver
Options: Metal Pinball or White/Black/Red Crystal Ball

-Curve Pinball Necklace

Free Size
Materials: Brass, Metal Pinball 


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Ring / Bracelet