CHAN Po Fung
As One - I Would Still Find You (II), Jan 2015
Contemporary Jewelry

Materials: Sterling Silver, Pagodite, Sterling Silver Necklace
Dimension: 60*25mm (Each)

"If both our lives pulled us apart, I would still find you."

In the traditional thought, the broken jade artifacts stand for bad omens. But to me, it sounds like a sad but beautiful story. The uniqueness between the pieces is irreplaceable. At the same time, they are two individuals.




Making of – Part 1

Found a broken signet in a junk stall. Not sure if the owner of it is still alive.
Got inspired and started making new work of it.

Making of - Part 2

Found a Shoushan Stone (Pagodite) at a little signet stall in Sheung Wan with a very fit size.
I broke them, cast and polished them into a pair of small sculpture.