CHAN Po Fung
"I Would Still Find You", 2012-2013
Contemporary Jewelry

Approx. 16cm (Unique Sizes)
Materials: Broken Jade Bangle, Brass

Concepts behind

"If both our lives pulled us apart, I would still find you."

In the traditional thought, the broken jade artifacts stand for bad omens. But to me, it sounds like a sad but beautiful story. The uniqueness between the pieces is irreplaceable. At the same time, they are two individuals.

Jade Markets to collect the broken jade bangles from small shops. One shop owner told me, in the past if jade bangles were broken, usually they were made as pendants or other jade pieces. But as the wages have risen these years, now the broken jades are probably being thrown away. It’s really a pity and a waste.


Good Design of the Year - Chinese Design Awards 2013